RAD-78L. RAD 78L POWDER FOR 223, 308, 30-06 WITH DATA SHEET (THIS POWDER MAKES TRACERS WORK). This powder is comparable to IMR 7383.


Rad-78L-(7383) Radford Ordinance Plant New Powder Not From Pull Down. Stick Powder best for igniting Tracer.  Following is H.P. White test lab results.


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Rad 78L Rifle powder. This powder is new powder and not from pull down ammo. It is manufactured at the Radford Army ammunition plant and is a military surplus powder. Powder is comparable to IMR 7383 and works good in 308 and 30-06. A $32.50 hazmat fee will be added when calculating shipping. following is H.P. White test lab info:

Primers                      Caliber                                   Bullet                      Charge Weight                          Velocity

SR Mag                      223                             62 Grain-SS-109                  23 Grains                               2437 FPS

SR Mag                     223                              54 Grain Tracer                   23 Grains                               2642 FPS

LR Standard           .308                             147 Grain Boat Tail             38 Grains                               2199 FPS

LR Standard          30-06                            150 Grain Flat Base            52 Grains                               2639 FPS




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