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Nosler 270 Win primed Pull Down brass. 100 pack. De-Mill Products www.cdvs.us

Nosler 270 Win primed Pull Down brass. 100 pack.

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Nosler 270 Win Primed Brass.  100 case pack

These primed cases have never been fired and come from demilled ammunition. They are essentially brand new but may have occasional minor dings or dents from the pulling process. They have the normal pulled case spotting but, once loaded, they will shine up nicely in your vibratory tumbler. The primers are not crimped. It is recommended that you resize the neck before loading to ensure that you have consistent neck tension. This is especially true with pulled brass as sometimes the case mouth can get dinged a little and it may be hard to seat a bullet without sizing. This can be accomplished easily by removing the decapping pin from your resizing die.

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This is primed cases and not live ammunition. All loading should be done by a professional with proper ammunition loading experience. We would suggest running a neck sizer die when loading as cases have had projectile pulled out of them. This is the last of this batch, we have reduced the price as many of the cases will have small dents and dings but are still boxer primed and ready to load.


Combat Disabled Veterans Surplus  assumes no liability for any defective or marred products and all products are sold as-is. You need to  have adequate education to load live ammunition, and apply a lot of common sense. Loading live ammunition is dangerous. Improperly hand-loaded ammunition can cause serious personal injury. Hand loading should be done only by a competent adult, and only after proper instruction. Since hand-loading operations are beyond our control, we disclaim all liability for any damages that may result.

Pull down brass will sometimes have small body dents, scratches and/or deformed case mouths. Small dents in brass will straighten out after the case has been fired and case mouth deformities can be fixed by sizing. Primed brass is ready to load, but all brass should be resized prior to loading. Please note that we generally do not know what primers are used in pull down casings, it is assumed that magnum calibers will contain magnum primers and standard calibers will use standard primers.

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