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Mixed bullets. approximately 12 pounds. De-Mill Products www.cdvs.us

Mixed bullets. approximately 12 pounds.


Mixed  bullets, these are bullets out of a drum we received that are mixed, some are but not limited too,  .355 Diameter Berry’s bullets with hole in bottom, .40 diameter flat nose, .355 diameter with a hole drilled in top of bullet ( i believe there were supposed to be hollow point but were never filled with led and some .450 diameter flat nose bullets, a few 147 grain 30 caliber rifle bullets, some bullets are not usable due to being disformed. As these bullets are mixed diameter and weight counted we cannot guarantee the count, we will weigh the heaviest bullets and when our scale says 550 count we will call that 500.  We are selling these bullets cheap as they were sold to us as seconds.

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THIS IS NOT LOADED AMMUNITION, AND EVERY PROJECTILE SHOULD BE INSPECTED BEFORE LOADING.  C.D.V.S. INC.  assumes no liability for any defective or marred products, and all products are sold as-is. Please have adequate education and training to load live ammunition. Loading live ammunition is dangerous. Improperly hand-loaded ammunition can cause serious personal injury. Hand loading should be done only by a competent adult, and only after proper instruction.

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